Worship and Faith International Fellowship History


How We Began



Worship and Faith International Fellowship began On Sunday November 6, 2005 in an upstairs building formally used as a go-go club or a night club for exotic dancers.  We still had the space for the poles and mirrors on the walls as evidence.  However this did not stop the flow of the anointing as the place was consecrated and dedicated to the Lord before we began having services.


We opened our doors under the name FAITH AND WORSHIP INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP and used the abbreviation FWIF, this however, did not last as when we went to The Companies office they reported that our name was too close to that of another church and hence we switched around the words to Worship and Faith International Fellowship as you all have come to know.



We commenced church with a handful of persons who were already saved and believed that they were called to assist Bishop McLean with his Ministry, some of these persons are still, with us they are Min. Angella Headley, Sis Nadia Watkis, Sis Rosemarie Cox, Deacon and Deaconess Bent and Sis Sharon Bryan.


In those early days we embraced the concept of cell groups to keep the membership together and now have a total of 22 Cell group, with membership of between 10 to 14 per group.


We were able to seat approximately 150 persons and out grew the sanctuary within 2 years. We then resorted to having 2 services in order to accommodate our increase in numbers. Our small team of workers worked very hard on both shifts to make things work.  Our baptisms were done every last Saturday at the Fort Clarence beach.


Every  week new persons would join our worship as each one tell one or some persons came by way of our  Bishop on Love 101 announcing that we had a new location or saw the church building and decided to stop by. After 3 years the Lord blessed us and gave us our own building which took a leap of faith.  We moved from a monthly rental of $54,000 which we made in 2 instalments to a whopping $350,000 monthly, it has since been reduced to $320,000.


We now seat 400 adults plus 100 children and our membership has grown to 560 members and we are now having 3 services on Sundays.  This is just the beginning as our vision is for a 10, 000 seating capacity building and still have a very long way to go.







Our Departments


We now operate within our walls several Ministries, such as, the Women’s, Men’s, Youth, Drama, Dance, Sign language Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Singles Ministry and the Children’s Church Department.



Team Members


The ministry is run by a team of over 100 members, divided into departments such as:

Accounts, Sound room, Book and Tape, Media, Information Desk, Hospitality, Ushers and Greeters, Parking attendants, Intercessors, Cleaning, Evangelism, Alter workers and Councillors, Teachers, Ministers, Deaconate, Pastoral Care, Moderators, Praise and Worship and the Planning committee.  We began with one employee and now provide some form of employment for a total of 13 persons.






Our Love 101 program Miracles Now formally called FREEDOM aired weekly on Wednesdays at 4:45am was just the beginning as we are now on Power of Faith Ministries via Flow Cable, Fridays at 9:30 p.m. and Sunday evenings at 6:30 as well as TVJ Sunday mornings at 6:00. As a result we now have a team in place to receive the incoming calls from the programs. Most of these calls are from the TVJ program and Gospel J.A. radio program, we see persons being saved, lives being transformed, persons sending their testimony and praise report via email and telephone some calling for prayer.


We are also on face-book and have our own website which can be used to make donations using Pay-pal. Our Face-book fans have grown tremendously as we post items such as word for the day and clips from our recent programs.





Worship and Faith International Fellowship now have a evangelism team that ministers on a monthly basis covering several areas, such as the feeding of street persons, visiting the children’s home, the infirmary , the surrounding community and preaching on the bus from Spanish Town to Kingston.


We have also started our evening classes in 2012 where we offer C.X.C. classes to the community the students are required to pay a registration fee. The subjects that we offer are Mathematics, English Language, Human and Social Biology, Social Studies, Principles of Business, Accounts and Office Administration, Remedial English & Arithmetic.


WAFIF have grown and achieved many things through the use of declarations, declaring God’s word and promises back to him, speaking them forth in the atmosphere and watch as the changes happen, souls being saved, people being healed of cancer, lumps disappearing, barren wombs being filled, marriages being repaired and  purposes and destinies being fulfilled in persons lives.


WAFIF is becoming a household name along with that of our Bishop, Pastor Courtney McLean, because of the awesome work that God is doing in our midst.


The journey continues